Theosophical Society

The School of The Wisdom

In person, adyar, india



The class is already full as we can take only limited number of participants (60).


You may send the application to be on the waiting list.

Application/Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom
The School of the Wisdom by Ravi Ravindra
NOTE: THE CLASS IS ALREADY FULL. YOU WOULD BE IN A WAITING LIST. A two-week Exploration on January 9 - 20, 2023 at Adyar NOT ONLINE
Rate depends on sharing/single/member/non-mbr. Payments will be collected ‘on arrival’. Overseas participant may pay by Master Card, Visa credit card, or in cash in foreign currency (with a copy of your passport). Meals will be about 310 Rs per day if all options are taken.
At Adyar, the International Headquarters of the TS, India. No online option.

A student is expected to attend all SOW classes, in the programme the student applied for. Reasons NOT acceptable for being absent from SOW classes are considered unexcused absences, in which case the student will not receive the diploma/certificate. All absences must be reported or the absence becomes an unexcused absence. Excusable absences are personal illness; quarantine; personal medical, dental et al. appointments; funeral services; court appearances; observance of religious holidays, other reasons not predicted here should be discussed with the Director. Shopping, touring, swimming, attending other meetings, having unexpected visits etc are all non-excusable absences.