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Shikhar Agnihotri

Shikhar Agnihotri

Bachelor of Science (Nautical Science, Mumbai University)

Shikhar joined the Theosophical Society in 2008. He is a founder member & former Secretary of both the PRAGYA Lodge and also the MAITRI Group of the Theosophical Order of Service in Lucknow, India. In 2019 he moved to volunteer at the International Headquarters in Adyar, Chennai, where he stays with his family.

Shikhar is a national lecturer of the Indian Section for the past four years. He has conducted study camps, seminars, youth camps and public lectures on theosophical subjects and holistic health all over India in schools and on colleges. He is also an international lecturer of the TS.

Together with his wife Catalina, he has started a YouTube channel PRAGYACSSTUDIO to share the understanding of the theosophical teachings in English, Spanish and Hindi.

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