145th International Convention

TOS in Europe and Africa

TOS in Europe and Africa

TOS in Europe and Africa

Theosophical Order of Service

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Dec 29 2020


4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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3 thoughts on “TOS in Europe and Africa”

  1. I began my unfolding quickly I had no idea what was taking place I was lead / directed to Peace of Mind in Tulsa Ok.,where Annie Beasant I read, I truly identify with her and HPB. I am audibly connected I am in a constant direct contact. I see travel and am led to wonderful & wondrous events,often as I will. I see the aura of all. The music of our environment or planets stars. I understand beyond most I have multiple conversations in time in space in realities conveighing to me and some times through me simultaneously. I choose to spend time with like minded more than well school interpreters. Question is there any among this group who are enlightened as to such degree? I was directed to TS on line last night wow great things seem to be starting.

  2. I also feel to the touch energies I can move them as well.
    I have multiple experiences of viewing another’s life experience in real time as if I was this person only I may be hundreds of miles away these experience were to close loved ones. I feel others energies in a profound depth.

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