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  • Aaron Mwila
    Aaron Mwila
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Aaron Mwila is from Zambia and attends the Theosophical Society in Mufurila Lodge. He joined TS in September 2017. It was one later afternoon f September when he was walking down the road and saw the TS emblem with some words “There is no religion higher than truth” that he got interested in, and ever since he has been attending TS. Those have been four wonderful years of studying Theosophy. One important thing that theosophy has taught him is to be open mindedness. One reason why he is still studying Theosophy is that it shows that life is worth living and that there is purpose and meaning in existence, in accordance with a great plan of evolution.

  • Aditi Maithreya
    Aditi Maithreya
    Member of the TS in India

    Aditi Maithreya from Adyar, Chennai, is a 6th generation theosophist and has held positions in the Vasanta Youth Lodge and The International Order of the Round Table. She is a designer and journalist. She is presently the Creative Director of The Phoenix Company and has worked at The Times of India as a journalist. She has been an adjunct faculty member at the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ). She has a post-graduate diploma in Print Journalism from ACJ and has completed her bachelor’s in visual communication from M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women. Aditi is a seasoned debater and orator and has competed and won in district, state and national-level competitions. She is a recipient of the Rashtrapthi Puraskar (President’s medal), the highest award in the country in the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts movement. She is also a Trinity-college certified Grade 4 pianist and has received formal training in Hindustani music.

    She has been involved in a number of relief and rehabilitation projects of The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) and World Care Way (WCW).

  • Adrienne Nagyiday
    Adrienne Nagyiday
    Presidential Representative for TS in Hungary
  • Adyar Theosophical Academy
    Adyar Theosophical Academy
    School at Adyar, Chennai, India
  • Ajeesh Kumar
    Ajeesh Kumar
    Member of the TS in India

    Ajeesh Kumar V R, from Thrissur, Kerala. Since 2014 he has been a member of Upasika Lodge, Thrissur, Kerala. He says that Dr M A Raveendran has shown him the world of Theosophy.
    Ajeesh has completed graduation in Maths and Master Degree in Computer Applications. Presently Working in Elma Pharmaceuticals as Operational Head.
    He writes: “We are running a Theosophical Society Information Centre at Thrissur and a Publishing House ( Upasika Publishing House ) for promoting Theosophical Society views.”

  • Angels Torra-Buron
    Angels Torra-Buron
    General Secretary of the Spanish Section

    Angels Torra-Buron was born in Barcelona, Spain, into a Theosophical family in 1952. Professionally, she was a High School teacher for 37 years. She is retired from her job as a teacher, thus dedicating full-time to the Theosophical work. In the Theosophical Society, she was active in the European Federation of Young Theosophists in the 1970s. Later, she was vice-president of the Spanish Section and was a member of the National Executive Committee as well. For a short period, she was a member of the Executive of the European Federation.

    Presently she is the General Secretary of the Spanish Section. In 2017 the 38th European Congress was held in Barcelona, and under her guidance for the arrangements in the Spanish Section, the Congress was a great and memorable event for those who attended.

  • Anna Panasuik
    Anna Panasuik
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Anna Yuriv Panasuik is originally from Ukraine. She is a member of the Theosophical Society of Ukraine since April 2021. Certified economist and lawyer. On the way of her development, self-knowledge and search for the truth she studied and researched various spiritual healing practices, psychology of relationship, art therapy and astrology. Certified astrologer and psychologist. She currently practices psychology, art therapy for adults and children consults on astrology.

  • Antonio Girardi
    Antonio Girardi
    General Secretary of the TS in Italy

    Antonio Girardi has been the Director of an important foundation that deals with innovation, education and training, and starting-up businesses. He has been a board member of the Università degli Studi di Padova (University of Padua) for more than twenty years. He has been a member of the Theosophical Society since 1980 and the General Secretary of the Italian Section since 1995. He is the chief-editor of the Rivista Italiana di Teosofia. He has written four books on theosophical subjects. He has also edited the book “La Società Teosofica: storia, valori e realtà attuale”. (Theosophical Society: history, values and current situation).

  • Ariel Tarazaga
    Ariel Tarazaga
    Member of the TS in Argentina

    Ariel is the youngest (44) of 4 children born in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. He is a Nuclear Engineer and has been involved in large scale technological and nuclear related projects, and particularly in the IT field during the last years; he has always been committed to peaceful uses of nuclear energy. In 2018, he began working as a Project Manager and Scrum Master where he has been involved in numerous development projects.
    He became a member of the Theosophical Society (TS) in 2005 and has been an active supportive member throughout the years. He has mainly carried out
    activities in the TS in Buenos Aires, which include internal studies, public lectures, article publishing, translation copy-edition, delivery of courses and seminars. Also, he has taken roles such as Lodge President and Treasurer, and Manager of the TS in Buenos Aires. And also, he has been part of the National Council during some periods.
    He has been coordinating the Study Group on “The Secret Doctrine” (SD) in the TS in Buenos Aires since 2012 until present time. He also volunteered at Adyar during 2017, working at The Archives. In Adyar he also started and coordinated a study group on the SD.

  • Arni Narendran
    Arni Narendran
    Member of the TS in India

    Arni Narendran is the Honorary Treasurer of the Blavatsky Lodge, Mumbai India. He is the Education Director, of the Virtual Centre of Theosophical studies..He is an advisor to ‘Synergy Journal’ published from Mumbai and dedicated to Arts, Poetry and Theosophy.. He had served as a resident Manager of the ‘International Theosophical Youth Centre’ at the International Headquarters at Adyar. He contributes to Theosophical journals worldwide, and his articles have been translated into Finnish, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.. He lectures in India and abroad on Theosophy and Art History.. He has served as an Education facilitator for marginalised children under a British Council project. He has chronicled the 140 year History of the Blavatsky Lodge.. He conducts Guided Meditation at his Lodge and on other platforms, having been directly initiated to Kriya Yoga by the late Swami Kriyananda, the last surviving disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. He is presently engaged as Banking Consultant in establishing Institutions in the micro credit domain.

  • Arunima Baruah
    Arunima Baruah
    Member of the TS in India
  • Arzoo Syeddah
    Arzoo Syeddah
    Member for Youth Forum / Indo-Pacific

    Dr Arzoo Syeddah is originally from Pakistan and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. She comes from a long line of sufi healers and has only recently fully stepped into her mystic lineage as part of her journey. She has been an active member of the TS in Wellington since 2019. She has given talks on Sufism and Kundalini yoga at the TS in Wellington and New Plymouth.
    She moved to New Zealand in 2017, following her heart’s calling, and considers it her spiritual home. Her day job involves working in the Start-up and small business space in Wellington. One of the draws for her to join the TS was to meet and connect with likeminded people on her spiritual path.

  • Barbara Hebert
    Barbara Hebert
    President of the TS in America
  • Blanca González Cáceres
    Blanca González Cáceres
    Member of the TS in Chile

    Blanca González, Psicopedagoga; ingreso a la ST en Chile en 1998. Ocupó varios cargos administrativos y actualmente pertenece a la ST en Argentina y colabora en el equipo de traductores de la Revista “El Teósofo” y libros teosóficos, entre ellos “El Plan Divino” de G. Barborka, “El Lector Pingüino” de J. Krishnamurti y otros…

    TS member of the Argentinean Section, joined the TS in 1998 in Chile. She has studies on Psycology.
    She worked in different possitions in the TS in Chile and Argentina. She is part of the translators team.

  • Catalina Isaza-Cantor
    Catalina Isaza-Cantor
    Member for Youth Forum / Indo-Pacific

    Catalina Isaza-Cantor was born in Colombia, graduated in Literature (honours), PG in Cultural Management, Master in Education. She works at Adyar Theosophical Academy (Int. HQ Adyar). TS member since 2006, came into touch with Theosophy due to her parents and this was like going back home. She is translator, teacher and editor of “Selección Teosófica (Colombian magazine). Her writings have been published in international magazines in English, Spanish and Italian and in some books. She has lectured on theosophy, art and education in India, USA, Colombia, Peru and Brazil (where she lived and worked for TS), as well as in international online meetings. Active participant and organizer of international movements of young theosophists. In 2020, she and her husband started a YouTube channel, ‘PragyaCSstudio’, to spread Theosophy in different languages. She is currently a member of the organiser team for 146 Int. Convention.

  • Celeste Sasuman Yangyang
    Celeste Sasuman Yangyang
    Member in the Philippines

    Celeste is the President of the Celestine Lodge and previously worked as a public servant with the Philippine government. She became a member of the Theosophical Society as she was inspired by the way her mother lives her theosophical life.

    Celeste loves to travel, to meet new people and inspire them through her personal short stories.

    She believes that it is the duty of the youth to take action, to commit, and to popularize Theosophy — the answer to the enigmas of our lives.

  • Charlton "Chally" Jules P. Romero
    Charlton "Chally" Jules P. Romero
    General Secretary of the TS in the Philippines

    Charlton Jules P. Romero

    “Chally” is a third-generation theosophist and is currently the National President and General Secretary of the TS Philippines.

    He is chairman of the board of trustees of Golden Link College Foundation, Inc. (a theosophical school with various campuses all over the Philippines), The Theosophical Order of Service – Philippines, and Green Earth Foundation, Inc.

    He is also Vice-President of the TS Indo-Pacific Federation.

    Lawyer and law professor in various universities and colleges and also holds an MBA.

  • Christopher See
    Christopher See
    Member for Youth Forum / Indo-Pacific

    Christopher See is a registered nurse licensed in the Philippines and the USA. He holds a master’s degree in Nursing. He is currently working as a clinical trainer for a US-based health insurance company. Christopher is the youngest member of the board of trustees of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines and president of the Pranava lodge. He leads the Unity of Life Meditation group and is also the adviser of Freespace, the Youth group of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines.

  • Clover Wu
    Clover Wu
    Member for Youth Forum / Indo-Pacific

    Clover Wu has been a member of the Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society since 2014 and of the Lotus Circle within it since the group was formed. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and linguistics and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood. She’s a kindergarten teacher with an ardent love for Theosophy, nature, and the arts, and believes that children would grow up most wholesomely immersed in those three things.

  • Deepa Padhi
    Deepa Padhi
    Vice-President of the Theosophical Society

    Dr Deepa Padhi is a retired Professor of Philosophy from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, who has written a book on The Ethical Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita. In 2015 she had edited and published articles on women issues in the book Yes, She Can and recently during Covid-19, she edited book Corona Pandemic: Challenge and Lessons which was published in September 2020.

    She is a founder and executive member of ‘Drushti Daan’, an eye bank for cornea donations. She is a Life Member of Indian Red Cross Society, Odisha Chapter.

    Dr Padhi joined the Theosophical Society (TS) in 1994 and is presently the Secretary of the Debapi Lodge, Bhubaneswar. She joined the Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) in 2006 and became the Secretary of the Mahabharat Group, Odisha Region, its President in 2010, and in 2016 she became the President, TOS, Odisha. In 2013, she was invited to speak on Transformational Practices at the Summer National Convention of the TS in America. While there she attended the international conference of the TOS.

  • Diana van Vloten
    Diana van Vloten
    Member of the TS in Spain

    Diana van Vloten became a member of the Theosophical Society of the Arjuna lodge in Barcelona (Spain) in 2005. She is the third generation of theosophists, as both her parents met for the first time during the European World Congress held in Montecatini (Italy) in 1952.
    During her early childhood, her family used to go every year to Saanen (in Switzerland) where they would gather to listen to Krishnamurti.

  • Elena Dovalsantos
    Elena Dovalsantos
    Member of the TS in America

    Elena Dovalsantos, PhD, MBA, has a doctorate in chemistry and a masters degree in management. She taught at the university level and spent her career in scientific research.

    She is a third generation theosophist, and has been a member of the Theosophical Society since 1971. She served as president of the TS in the Ojai Valley in California and the Beacon Theosophical group in San Diego, CA. She lives and volunteers at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, leads classes on The Secret Doctrine locally and internationally, and co-facilitates online webinars sponsored by the TS in America.

    She conducted The School of The Wisdom session at Adyar in 2019.

  • Els Rijneker
    Els Rijneker
    Member of the TS in the Netherlands

    Els Rijneker, retired now, worked as a speech therapist with children on a special school, and in her clinic for people with dyslexia (reading and writing problems).

    She has been a member of the TS since 1998; was the editor of the Dutch TS magazine Theosofia for twenty years and was the General Secretary of the Dutch Section for six years.

    Is a council member of the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands, and of the European Federation of National Societies, EFTS.

    Has given talks on several occasions and visited theosophical meetings in Adyar (often!), Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain.

  • Emily Zen Chua
    Emily Zen Chua
    Member of the TS in the Philippines

    Emily is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Theosophical Order of Service (Philippines) and Vice President of Maharlika Theosophical Lodge. She is a practicing lawyer in Davao City, Philippines since 2006. She is also active in Pranic Healing Foundation (Philippines), a columnist with The Edge Davao, a military reservist and Chapter Secretary of Integrated Bar of the Philippines – aiming to be of service to her community in any way needed.

  • Emmanuel Mwape
    Emmanuel Mwape
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Emmanuel Mwape was born on 08/11/1996. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and currently works as a businessman. He joined the Theosophical Society, Kitwe lodge, in 2017.
    He joined the Theosophical Society with a view to finding himself, but he ended up finding that he was in everything and in everyone.
    His favourite book is a very small book with great inspiration, At the Feet of the Master, by Krishnamurti. “Spirituality is not a practice it is a lifestyle”.

  • Eneida Carbonell
    Eneida Carbonell
    Member of the TS in America

    Bio: Eneida Elena Carbonell es la actual Tesorera de la Logia España en Los Angeles, California y es un miembro activo de esta Logia en donde guía estudios teosóficos. También ofrece seminarios de Teosofía para la Escuela Teosófica de Krotona y para la Federación Teosófica Interamericana. Es Maestra de Matemáticas para el programa de Educación de Adultos en Los Angeles, California.

    Bio: Eneida Elena Carbonell is the current Treasurer of Logia España in Los Angeles, California. She is an active member of the Lodge in which she leads theosophical studies. She also offers theosophical seminars for the Krotona School of Theosophy and for the Inter American Theosophical Federation. She is a teacher of Mathematics for the Adult Education program in Los Angeles, California.

  • Erica Georgiades
    Erica Georgiades
    Director of The School of the Wisdom

    Erica Georgiades has been the director of The School of The Wisdom (SOW) since August 2021; director of the European School of Theosophy since 2018. A member of the Theosophical Society since 1991, she has worked at the international archives of the TS, Adyar, from 1994 to 1996. She is a candidate for a Master of Research degree in Religious Experience at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. She also holds a postgraduate degree with merit in Ancient Religions UWTSD; and BA, Hons, Philosophy and Psychological Studies. She is also a deep ecologist, animal-rights activist and pro personhood rights to non-human animals. She lives in Athens, Greece.

  • Estebal Langlois
    Estebal Langlois
    General Secretary of the TS in Argentina

    Member in Argentina since May 1983.
    Esteban is a Physician graduated in 1991, and is specialized in Internal Medicine. Currently he is the Vice-Director of Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    He is the General Secretary of the Argentinean Section since Dec 17th 2016. He has worked in different roles and positions, mainly in the diffusion and theosophical educational field.

  • Florian Bartnick
    Florian Bartnick
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Florian Bartnick is an occupational and music therapist from Germany. Due to his job, he came into contact with various issues according to the questions of existence. So the search began and soon he realized that there must be more to spirituality than pure superstition. In Germany Rudolph Steiner’s teachings are very common and the question was: where did he get all that knowledge from? To make a long story short the theosophical teachings of Helena Blavatsky were the answer. Over hermetic philosophy and alchemy he studied the SD, Isis unveiled, Judges Writings, the mahatma letters and mostly all Gottfried von Purucker has published. Finally, he couldn’t get his hands on new literature and so he decided to join the TS. Theosophy has enriched his life and work in a way that is beyond comparison and so he wants to inspire people to experience the same.

  • Gary Kidgell
    Gary Kidgell
    Member of the TS in Scotland
  • George Wester
    George Wester
    National Coordinator of TOS Australia
  • Golden Link College
    Golden Link College
    School at Manila, the Philippines
  • Irena Primc
    Irena Primc
    Organizing Secretary of the TS in Slovenia

    Irena Primc is a lawyer by education. In her active professional life, she worked mainly in the field of land law, real estate and property law matters. Until her retirement, she ran legal services in state institutions and also worked in the private sector. She has been a member of the TS since 2012, was elected Regional Secretary in 2017 and reelected in 2020, leading the TS in Slovenia for a second term.

  • Jaishree Kannan
    Jaishree Kannan
    Member of the TS in India, Adyar
  • Jan Nicolaas Kind
    Jan Nicolaas Kind
    Member of the TS in America

    Jan Nicolaas Kind was born, grew up and studied in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. By profession he is a social worker and human resource manager, but also worked in the hotel and music-industry. Early in his life he was introduced to Theosophy, but it would take some decades before he first became a member of the TS-Adyar on November 17, 1994.

    As a worker for Theosophy he held various positions in several countries and has widely lectured on Theosophical subjects in Europe, the USA, India and in Central and South America. Being a true world traveler, Jan lived in the Netherlands, Australia, India, the USA and now lives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. He is editor-in-chief of Theosophy Forward, an e-Magazine with readers in more than 100 countries. He is married with Terezinha da Franca-Kind and firmly believes that unconditional service (Karma Yoga) is “a” path to truth and self-knowledge.

    The Dutch scholar Henk J. Spierenburg became Jan’s mentor during the period that Jan worked at the HQ of the TS in Adyar. Spierenburg’s guidance put him on a path that would suit him best: being active IN the theosophical movement, but not OF any vehicle in particular, consequently Jan joined three main Theosophical streams to underscore that basic principle.

  • Jenny Baker
    Jenny Baker
    National President of the TS in England and Wales

    Jenny Baker has been a member of the English Section since 1981. Her working life has been as a nurse and a Yoga instructor and therapist. She was on the National Council as an unattached representative for several years. She also has served on the Executive Committee, the English Theosophical Trust and on the Boards of the Tekels Park Estate and The Foundation for Theosophical Studies. She became the Director of the annual Summer School in 2005, a post she still holds.

    Jenny was elected President of the English section in 2015. She attends General Council meetings at Adyar and is a council member of the International Theosophical Centre in Naarden, the Netherlands. Recently she was appointed onto the Council of the Europe Federation of Theosophical Societies.

    Beyond Theosophy, her interests are rambling in the countryside, photography, classical music, and Scottish country dancing.

  • Jón Ellert Benediktsson
    Jón Ellert Benediktsson
    General Secretary of the TS in Iceland

    Jón Ellert was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1951 and has been General Secratary of the Icelandic Section of the TS since 2018. From 2001 to 2008 he served as Treasurer and in 2006 became Editor of Gangleri, the journal of the Icelandic Section of the TS. He has been president of the Blavatsky Lodge in the Icelandic Section since 2007.

  • Juliana Cesano
    Juliana Cesano
    International lecturer. Member of the TS in America

    Juliana Cesano is a third-generation theosophist who has been actively involved in the Society’s work since 1996. She is an international speaker and staff member at the National Center of the Theosophical Society in America.

  • Justin Tanskley
    Justin Tanskley
    Member for Youth Forum / Americas

    Justin Tanksley is from the National Headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton Illinois. He is 35 years young. Justin has been a student of Theosophy since 2017 and Is studying with the Dharma Study Center, along with the Wheaton Olcott Lodge. Justin works for the Theosophical publishing House and Quest Bookshop. He is an organizer for YATA (Young Adult Theosophists in America).

  • Kee Han Wen
    Kee Han Wen
    Member for Youth Forum / Indo-Pacific

    Kee Hanwen was born and raised in Singapore. He was interested in spirituality in his mid-teens, his interest led him to seek out buddhism and has been learning buddhism since 2015. He is also a volunteer teacher for children aged 9-10 with the buddhist centre since 2016.
    He subsequently found TS in 2019 and has been attending it since then. What about TS that attracted him is the idea of universal brotherhood and the idea of oneness without distinction. This idea was something that resonated with him however was unable to find expression until coming to TS.

  • Kristin Lim
    Kristin Lim
    Member of the TS in Singapore

    Kristin is a member of the Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society. She first started her practice with vipassana, and today is also an avid student of qigong and sound, with the privilege of working with two beautiful modalities of sound: the gong and alchemy singing bowls. Kristin believes in bringing the spirit of self-inquiry and exploration to any practice. At the Convention, she will be facilitating a guided meditation where we will bring awareness to the physical body, before raising our consciousness through a Yoga of Light

  • Kurt Leland
    Kurt Leland
    International lecturer. Member of the TS in America

    Kurt Leland is a national lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America, specializing in the works of Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater. He has edited and annotated Leadbeater’s classic text, The Chakras, as well as an anthology entitled Invisible Worlds: Annie Besant on Psychic and Spiritual Development. He has also written on subjects such as astral projection, near-death-experiences, and the spiritual effects of composing, performing, and listening to music. His most recent book is entitled Rainbow Body: A History of the Western Chakra System from Blavatsky to Brennan. Last year, the British Journal for the History of Philosophy published his essay, “‘Friendly to All Beings’: Annie Besant as Ethicist.” He is currently working on a reader’s guide to Leadbeater’s writings. Mr. Leland lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Lilla Szabó
    Lilla Szabó
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Lilla Szabó is from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. She is currently working at a multinational company as a supervisor. Previously she worked as a trained naturopath, doing prana healing and certain manual therapies.
    Lilla joined the Hungarian TS in 2017, which offered her a wide spectrum of theoretical correspondences besides my practical studies. She is currently the secretary of the Hungarian TS, responsible for various administrative tasks and holding online and in-person presentations about theosophical topics.

  • Manuela Kaulich
    Manuela Kaulich
    General Secretary of the TS in Germany

    Manuela Kaulich is living in Regensburg, southern Germany, together with her husband. She has 2 children and is working as an architect.

    For 32 years she is a TS member, serving in the board since 2005, and as General Secretary for 13 years. She has founded a group in Regensburg where members are studying twice a month and one full day every autumn.

    The Service of a Disciple is fascinating her very much as well as Thought Forms. The Voice of the Silence‘ is her favorite book.

  • Marcela Pardella
    Marcela Pardella
    Member of the TS in Argentina

    Marcela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a teacher of English Language and has a Degree in Human Resources Administration. Nowadays she works in the Insurance Industry.
    She became a member of the Theosophical Society (TS) in 2010 and has been an active supportive member throughout the years. She has mainly carried out activities in the TS in Buenos Aires and other Lodges in Argentina.
    She has been engaged in studies, public lectures, article publishing, translation of articles and books, delivery of courses and seminars. Also, he has taken roles such as Lodge President, Manager of the TS, and other positions at the TS in Buenos Aires. Besides, she is been part of the National Council since 2016.
    Marcela nació en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Es profesora de Lengua Inglesa y tiene una Licenciatura en Administración de Recursos Humanos. Actualmente trabaja en la industria aseguradora.
    Se convirtió en miembro de la Sociedad Teosófica (TS) en 2010 y ha sido un miembro activo de apoyo a lo largo de los años. Ha realizado actividades principalmente en el TS de Buenos Aires y otras Logias de Argentina.
    Se ha dedicado a estudios, conferencias públicas, publicación de artículos, traducción de artículos y libros, dictado de cursos y seminarios. Asimismo, ha asumido cargos como Presidente de Logia, Administradora de la Sede de la ST, y otros cargos administrativos en la ST de Buenos Aires. Además, forma parte del Consejo Nacional desde 2016.

  • Maria Joao Figueira
    Maria Joao Figueira
    Member of the TS in Portugal

    Maria Joao Figueira was born in Portugal on the 31 May of 1961, being therefore 60 years old this year (2021).

    Chemical Engineer, specialized in Climate and atmospheric environment, she has been working for the past 30 years for the portuguese government in the area of industry control, environment and natural resources policy.

    Having had her first contact with the Portuguese Theosophical Society at the age of 17 years, she has since then prosecuted her studies in various areas of theosophical interest, from west to east religions, mythology, psychology and science.

    Being a member of the Portuguese Theosophical Society she directs the work of the branch Boa Vontade, located in Évora, where she resides since 2009, and to a new group of studies named Hermes, located in Lisbon, since 2017.

  • Marie Harkness
    Marie Harkness
    Organizing Secretary of the TS in Ireland

    Born 1946 in Newry, N. Ireland. Am a retired teacher. Have always felt drawn to the ancient wisdom and mysticism. Joined the Theosophical Society in 1983. Served as Regional Secretary of TS N. Ireland, 1987 – 94 and from June 2003.
    In June, 2005 when all Lodges in Ireland were united under one Theosophical umbrella, I was elected Organising Secretary, am still serving in that capacity. I am Belfast Lodge Secretary. I have been a member of the CMC 17, Tekels Park, England since 2006. I served as a member of the Executive Committee of the EFTS for 3 years from 2007. I have been a member of the Council of the International Theosophical Centre (ITC) Naarden for the past six years.
    I feel deeply it is a great privilege to assist in the Theosophical work of uplifting the consciousness of all beings from where they stand.

  • Marja Artamaa
    Marja Artamaa
    International Secretary of the TS
  • Michelle Simtoco
    Michelle Simtoco
    Member of the TS in the Philippines

    Michelle Simtoco was a graduate of Doctor of Dental Medicine but found herself being led to a different path where she became an administrator and co-owner of a preschool, Dynamic Minds Learning House, Inc. She was actively serving in the music ministry of the Light of Jesus Community, participated in a couple of musical plays like Siddhartha, the Musical. And she has self-published a book called “Dancing with the Ripples” with the intention to help raise funds for her best friend who had cancer. She has started a YouTube channel called Ripple Inspirations to inspire and empower people to grow in wholeness through the lens of gratitude. She is a member of Satsang Lodge, Cebu Philippines.

  • Nancy Secrest
    Nancy Secrest
    International Treasurer of the TS and International Secretary of TOS

    Nancy Secrest serves as the International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service. She began studying metaphysics and comparative religion in childhood, encountered Theosophy in her early twenties and joined the Theosophical Society in 1980.
    Nancy lived and worked at the Krotona Theosophical Institute in the USA during 1987- 88. She served as National Secretary of the Theosophical Society in America (TSA) from 1988 through 1990. A Certified Public Accountant by profession, Nancy subsequently served as National Treasurer of the TSA for eighteen years. She currently holds the position of International Treasurer of the Theosophical Society.
    Nancy became the International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service in December 2014. Since then she has traveled in the USA, Europe and Asia giving presentations, talks and workshops on TOS work around the world and related theosophical topics. Her articles and some of her talks have been published in The Theosophist and other theosophical publications.

  • Narendra Shah
    Narendra Shah
    General Secretary of the East & Central African Section

    Narendra Shah was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya. He was introduced to the Theosophical Society through the game of Table Tennis. He joined the Theosophical Society in Nairobi in 1971, when he was 17 years old.
    He has been very active in all the activities of the Theosophical Society in Nairobi since 1975 and of the East & Central African Section since 1980. Narendra has been the Chairman of the Nairobi Lodge for several years and currently is the General Secretary of the East & Central African Section.
    A good organizer, Narendra was the Secretary of the 7th World Congress of the Theosophical Society, hosted by Nairobi Lodge in December 1982. He regularly gives talks on various Theosophical subjects and has given talks in all the countries of his Section. Narendra has also actively worked on the Boards of a number of Educational and Social institutions.

  • Nathan Chola
    Nathan Chola
    Member of the TS in Zambia

    BORN: On 7th January, 1983 in the Zambian town known as Mansa
    EDUCATION: Did my last primary education at Lukanga Basic School in the Zambian town known as Kabwe in 1997 and went to Kalonga Secondary school which I left in 2002 upon completion. In 2005, I did complete my college education at Industrial Training Centre in Lusaka with a Technician Certificate in Automachanics. I have also had various workplace-based training in Purchasing and supply chain management at my current workplace (Barloworld Equipment Zambia).
    Work Experience: Worked as a Mechanic in Kabwe from 2006 to 2009.
    2010: Joined Barloworld Equipment Zambia as a stores person and I have held two more positions since then to date, as a Parts Salesperson and currently as Parts Inventory controller managing the inventory in the warehouse for Barloworld Equipment Zambia in Kitwe.
    Hobbies: Enjoy watching football, playing scrabble and reading books
    Theosophical Experience: I came across to know of the Theosophical Society through online while doing my personal searches and I loved the kind of information I could manage to get. However, it did not occur to me immediately that I lived in a town where the Theosophical Society had a physical presence (Kitwe). In 2002 am not exactly sure the exact dates but somewhere around September or October, I had one day taken a walk and through that I came across where the TS Kitwe lodge is situated and through the poster at the main entrance was able to take note of the meeting days and time and since then I have never looked back again.
    I have attended one convention since then, in Tanzania and I look forward to even attending more in the future.
    In short, my life in the TS has been fulfilling for me and I have been helped a lot to learn more knowledge and this has contributed to the upgrade of my wellbeing socially, mentally and spiritually.

  • Pablo Sender
    Pablo Sender
    Member of the TS in America

    Pablo Sender, Ph.D., became a member of the Theosophical Society in his native Argentina and has presented Theosophical lectures, seminars, and classes around the world. He is the author of Evolution of the Higher Consciousness, and his articles have been published in several Theosophical journals.
    Learn more at his website: www.pablosender.com

  • Patrizia Calvi
    Patrizia Calvi
    Member of the TS in Italy

    Patrizia Moschin Calvi, Born in 1962, joined the T.S. in Italy at the age of 20 and soon became an active member in the Group of Vicenza, especially in the TOS activities.

    Since 1995 works as a full-time volunteer in the Italian General Secretariat. Currently in charge of the editorial staff of the Rivista Italiana di Teosofia, she is also one of the translators of the magazine and a member of the Editorial Committee of the Italian Theosophical Publishing House.

    President of the Theosophical Group of Vicenza from 2004 to 2013, she is a member of the Council and of the Executive Committee of the Theosophical Society in Italy. Elected to the Executive Committee of the EFTS in 2004. One of the main organizers of the World Congress in Rome, 2010. Appointed as a Council member of the I.T.C. of Naarden on 2012. Appointed Additional Member of the International General Council in 2017.

    Living the theosophical experience with the belief that Universal Brotherhood without distinctions and Beauty are a union that cannot be untied.

  • Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa
    Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa
    Member of the TS in DR Congo

    Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa was born on 8 October 1960 in Likasi, Democratic Republic of Congo. He has a Diploma of Industrial Accountant from the Belgian Central Jury and Master’s degree in Liberal Theology from the Liberal Institute of Theological Studies of France (l’Institut Libérale d’Etudes Théologique de France).

    He became a member of the Theosophical Society in Canada in 1998, with Carole Malboeuf as President. Since 2000 (under the General Secretaryship of Danielle Audoin), he is a member of the Theosophical Society in France. He is the Director of the Prakasha Study Group in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

    By profession, he is National Director of the NGO Actions et Interventions pour le Développement et l’Enseignement Social (AIDES), an NGO that works with the Agencies of the United Nations.

  • Pradeep Gohil
    Pradeep Gohil
    President of the Indian Section

    Pradeep was born in the erstwhile ruling Rajput family of Bhavnagar State in Gujarat. He was awarded American Field Service International Scholarship for study of one year in 12th grade at Redondo Union High School, California. He has a BE(Hons) & M.S. in Chemical Engineering, M.S. in Plastics, MBA (all three from U.S.) and L.L.B. degrees. Worked in the U.S. for 12 years before settling in India in 1983.
    He joined the Theosophical Society in 1982, the Indian Section Council in 2011 and the Executive Committee in 2015. He became the G.S. in Jan. 2017, a member of the General Council later on in the same year and now is also the member of the International Executive Committee of T.S. He has addressed Annual Conferences of most Federation in India several times, introduced guests at the International Convention and addressed a conference at Naarden, The Netherlands.
    He is a director in seven companies, including two in London and trustee of several organisations. He was Governor of Rotary International of Western India District 3060 and represented India at the Parliament of Rotary in 2013. He was also a consultant for UNICEF in 2016-17. He taught several management subjects at colleges for about 20 years. He was Chairman of the Board of Governors of a Government Engineering College and Secretary of a Trust managing college, High School and Primary School, Nursing School and hostels. He was also a sportsman having played cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis and Chess. He is married to Heena and the two of them have a daughter Pavitra who is settled in U.S.A. as an Architect and who has a daughter Kaira.

  • Pradeep M S
    Pradeep M S
    Member for Youth Forum / Indo-Pacific

    Pradeep M S, has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, and is working as a Business Development manager for Organic technology development company, he is also a professional Hydroponics consultant. He is a third-generation Theosophist, member of Karnataka Theosophical Federation of Indian Section. He has been actively involved in meetings and has given many lectures on behalf of the Karnataka federation.

  • Rafael Marques de Albuquerque
    Rafael Marques de Albuquerque
    Member for Youth Forum / Americas

    Rafael Marques de Albuquerque is the president of Florianópolis Lodge (Brazil) and the director of the youth movement at the Brazilian Section of the Theosophical Society. He has published two articles in The Theosophist, entitled “Theosophy Undefined” (2016) and “The Seven Rays in Context” (2020). He works as a university lecturer at the University of Vale do Itajaí (Brazil), and has a PhD degree from the University of Nottingham (UK), as well as a MA and BA from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil).

  • Rashmi Misra
    Rashmi Misra
    Member of the TS in India

    Rashmi Misra [ born 28 August,1952] Indian poet and writer, author of “The Sense Of Isolation And Immigrant Problems” for which she has won critical acclaim. Rashmi Misra was born in Cuttack, Orissa to a homemaker mother (proficient Sanskrit scholar) and Harvard economist father. She passed her senior Cambridge from Stewart school Cuttack and went onto completing her graduate, postgraduate studies and M l.Phil, PhD from Utkal University. She had a meritorious career having stood first in the University, winner of Geeta Mukherjee Memorial prize, various merit scholarships and awards; She was a member of MELUS (Indian chapter), member of contemporary thought, member Indian Association of women’s Studies and Rotary. Dr Misra is an accomplished educator having taught English literature and various colleges and Universities for 35 years. She has visited Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Dr Misra is also a social activist. She is an advisor to various educational institutions for both Indian writing in English and English literature. She is an avid reader and takes up women’s issues. She presented poems “The Last Touch” and “Handful of Ashes” at the 39th World Congress of Poets. She writes both in her mother tongue: Odia and English. Her keen interest at present is in theosophical studies. She is also the president of Asrava Foundation and Advisor to Earthology private limited.

  • Renee Sell
    Renee Sell
    Member of the TS in New Zealand

    Renee is currently the National Vice President of the New Zealand Section and has served as the National Coordinator of the TOS NZ for the past 18 years. An active worker for the Society since first joining in 1998 in many different capacities; locally at Auckland Branch and also Nationally including speaking, events and administration.

    Renee is passionate about weaving the Ancient Wisdom teachings into everyday life, and a special interest in seeing the teachings presented in a more practical and usable way so as to make Theosophy interesting, relevant and transforming for all who touch its shores.

  • Renuka Balasubramaniam
    Renuka Balasubramaniam
    Member of the TS in Malaysia

    Renuka Balasubramaniam was introduced to the Theosophical Society in 2001 and has been a member holding various positions in office since. She stayed with the society as a result of the profound influence Dr Annie Besant’s commentaries to At The Feet of The Master had on her outlook to life and her career. She is presently the secretary of the Selangor Lodge in Malaysia and is employed as a senior lecturer at the University of Malaya. Outside of work she is engaged in her PhD studies, service at a local community center for people living with challenging family situations arising from alcohol and substance abuse and a daily practice of walking, swimming and meditation.

  • Richard Sell
    Richard Sell
    Member in the TS in New Zealand

    Richard comes from a Theosophical family in New Zealand and first joined the Theosophical Society as a teenager.
    He is currently the President of Auckland’s HPB Lodge, and is Chair of the Governance Board for the New Zealand Section. Richard also holds an MBA.
    Richard is a passionate theosophist who helps run the study programme at his local lodge. He has presented throughout New Zealand as a National Speaker and he has presented internationally at Adyar, Indonesia and at the World Congress in Singapore. He contributes articles to theosophical magazines and he is very active in promoting theosophy as a founder of the https://Theosophy.World resource website.
    Richard loves all things theosophical but he is especially interested in the self-awareness and transformation process that is undertaken by the individual and how this can be actioned in todays difficult world. He is a history buff and theosophical history is near to his heart.

  • Rubem Gomes
    Rubem Gomes
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Rubem da Costa Gomes is 34 years old, born and raised in Angola and still remain there until now. He has a bachelor’s degree in commercial management and marketing. He works as a business consultant independently. Rubem is the president of the Angolan Vegetarian Association. He rediscovered Theosophy basically 3 years ago and it has been the biggest and best experience he has had in this present life.

  • Sabine van Osta
    Sabine van Osta
    General Secretary of the Belgian Section

    Sabine Van Osta (° 1968) is an active member of the TS since 2001. She became lodge president of the young Antwerp Lodge (Loge Witte Lotus) in 2008, board member of the Belgian Section from 2004 till 2008 as Secretary to the Board and back in the Board again since 2012. At the end of 2013, she was designated General Secretary of the Section. Apart from the organisational work, she also gives lectures and animates study groups in Belgium and the Netherlands on core theosophical themes in Dutch, French and English. She has translated articles of theosophical authors; her own articles were published in various theosophical publications. She has regularly travelled mainly in Europe to attend congresses of other national Sections. In daily life, Sabine works since 1998 full time as assistant to the Company Secretary, in charge for organising corporate meetings on the level of Board and Shareholders. She lives in Antwerp, Belgium with her husband.

  • Sara Ortega Van Vloten
    Sara Ortega Van Vloten
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Sara Ortega van Vloten Sara is the fourth generation of theosophists in her family and grew up with an increasing interest in theosophical literature. She became a member of the Spanish section in 2008 at the Arjuna Lodge (Barcelona). At the moment she participates actively in a variety of TS activities, as she feels devoted to Theosophy through service, study and meditation, in order to bring about real awareness in daily life. She is a civil engineer and is pursuing a PhD degree.

  • Seth Edwards
    Seth Edwards
    Member for Youth Forum / Americas

    Seth Edwards is an electrical engineer from the United States. He joined the Theosophical Society in 2013 while enlisted in the US Air Force as a troubleshooting team chief for nuclear missile silos. He is also the secretary for his Washington DC Lodge.

  • Shreeyashi Ojha
    Shreeyashi Ojha
    Member of the TS in India

    Shreeyashi Ojha, is born in a Hindu Brahmin family. Her father is a bureaucrat and so she has had the opportunity to mingle with different cultures; owing to which she developed interest in multiculturalism and spirituality. Since childhood she has won many awards; merely at the age of 4, she was awarded the 1st position for Geeta Chanting organized by Chinmaya Mission. In the same year she was also awarded a Certificate on Social Service by HelpAge India for creating awareness and assisting in raising funds for the care of the elderly, irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed, and a certificate by the Indian Leprosy Foundation in appreciation for participation in All Indian Leprosy Eradication Drive. She completed her initial schooling at The Doon Girls’ School, Dehradun and later shifted to Lucknow, where she was awarded by the Foundation For Education and Economic Development on the occasion of World Environment Day.
    She completed her schooling from Allahabad and enrolled for Bachelor’s in Arts in Ancient History and Political Science from the University of Allahabad. She won many accolades amongst which she attained the 1st position in Research Paper Writing on the topic “Contribution of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam in Social, Educational and Historical Perspective”, and an award by the National Human Rights Commission on “Training Programme on Rights of Women”. She was awarded the 1st position in Yoga Training on the International Yoga Day by the University of Allahabad.
    She then enrolled for Master’s in Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology from the University of Allahabad and scored the 1st rank in Master’s. Meanwhile, she was awarded a Certificate of Merit in All India Essay Writing Event, organized by UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan, Shri Ram Chandra Mission and Heartfulness Education Trust. She was awarded the 1st position in a debate competition organized by National Health Mission and SIFSPA. She also held the 1st position in the debate competition on State Level organized by Amar Ujala. She is also a sports enthusiast and has won many awards regarding the same.
    Shreeyashi joined the Theosophical Society of India in March 2021. She was one of the participants in the 2nd Youth Program on the theme “Truth, Beauty and Goodness”. Recently, she co-hosted the Special English Lecture by Bro Pradeep H. Gohil, President of the Indian Section. She is an ardent disciple of the tenets of TS and believes in the motto “सत्यात्नास्ति परो धर्मः” She strives to propagate and popularize the message of the Theosophical Society amongst the youth.

  • Simon O’Rourke
    Simon O’Rourke
    National education coordinator in TS Australia

    Simon O’Rourke began reading Theosophical books in 1992 and joined the Society soon afterwards in 1993. He has been Treasurer, President and Lodge Manager of Blavatsky Lodge in Sydney, Australia. He was recently appointed as Education Coordinator of the Theosophical Society in Australia.

  • Sofia Gimenez
    Sofia Gimenez
    Member of the TS in Argentina

    Sofía Gimenez is 28 years old from Argentina. She has been a member of the Theosophical Society for 3 years, and she joined the Theosophical Order of Service a few months ago.
    Sofia actively participates in an organization dedicated to the defense of the rights of children and adolescents. She is helping with school homework in vulnerable neighborhoods, as well as the creation of a space where children of all ages attend to take various workshops in order to self-manage. The basis of all this project is Popular Education, believing in the ideal that everyone can teach and learn at the same time.

  • Stephanie Vargas
    Stephanie Vargas
    Member for Youth Forum / Americas

    Stephanie Vargas Cuellar, Telecommunications Engineer, Master in Project Management. She began attending lodge meetings at a very young age with her mother who was already a member. Currently editor of the Bolivian Magazine of Theosophy, Librarian of the Theosophical Society of La Paz City and Volunteer in the TOS La Paz, Bolivia. Active member of the group of organizers of young theosophists in the Spanish Section. Volunteer in the Virtual Centre for Theosophical Studies Spanish Section. Her purpose now is to work on the spread of Theosophy and Service.

  • Suhani Mohapatra
    Suhani Mohapatra
    Student, Odissi Dancer

    Suhani is a 15-year-old studying in 10th grade. She has been learning Odissi under her guru Shri Rahul Varshney for the last eight years. Other dance forms that she loves to explore are Chau and western free-style. Dance is an integral part of her life as she has been dancing for as long as she can remember.
    Suhani’s parents have been members of TS since 2018. She participates in various workshops, talks and webinars organized by TS and has represented Prayas Lodge by presenting Odissi/Fusion Dance in the following programs:

    1) UP Federation’s Centenary Year Conference in Agra, Oct 2019
    2) Ananda Fest (Virtual), May 2021

    Her other interests include dramatics, singing, reading, and writing. She wants to travel the world and explore life.

  • Svyatoslav I. Lipsky
    Svyatoslav I. Lipsky
    Member of the TS in Russia

    Svyatoslav I. Lipsky was born in Moscow, Russia in 1982.
    He graduated from university in 2006 with a degree in teaching languages and has been working in Moscow schools teaching English since then. In 2009 he defended a PhD thesis in Pedagogy.

    He has been studying the theosophical literature since 1999 and attended his first TS meeting in 2009.

    In 2012 he started the work of creating the website www.theosophist.ru which is devoted to the life and works of HPB and provides free access to the texts translated into Russian.

    He is a member of the White Lotus Theosophical Group based in Moscow. Over the course of about 10 years the group has organized many different events as workshops, lectures, the White Lotus Day celebrations and etc. He has been a member of the Theosophical Society (Adyar) since 2019; a speaker and interpreter at several conferences.

  • Teresa Ayala
    Teresa Ayala
    Member of the TS in Mexico

    Teresa Ayala. Architect by profession, specialist in impact buildings social as shelters for children, welfare houses for adults old and young. She has carried out studies in the anthropology of art linked with theosophy, mainly with children participating in projects that allow the reconstruction of the social fabric of the community. Member of the Theosophical Society since 2003 in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Co-founder of the Damodar KM Lodge in 2017, currently enrolled in the Theosophical Order of Service, in the field of animal defense and the dissemination of vegetarianism.

  • Tim Boyd
    Tim Boyd
    International President

    Mr Tim Boyd has been serving as international President of the Theosophical Society Adyar since April, 2014. He was born in New York City and lived there for seventeen years until he left to attend Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. From there he moved to the University of Chicago, where he was an honors graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Affairs.

    He joined the Theosophical Society in America in 1974. Together with Bill Lawrence, a TS member and mentor, and others he founded a Theosophical spiritual community in Chicago’s inner city. The group held classes on the Ageless Wisdom, meditation, and healing. They worked with the at-risk and disadvantaged youth, transformed vacant lots into award-winning organic food gardens, and placed beehives on the roofs of local buildings. The group formed a business (Royal Associates) that initially focused on reclaiming and renovating deteriorating residential buildings in their area, creating housing for low- and middle-income families. Their work helped to stabilize neighborhoods through the training and employment of local youth and the creation of affordable homes for area residents.

    In 1988 Tim became a national lecturer for the TS in America. From 1996 to 2000 he worked in hospice services as a volunteer in a team that involved doctors, social workers, and nurses. In 2007 he became President of the Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) – USA, and in 2011 was elected President of the TS in America. Tim’s involvement with the Theosophical Order of Service and the Chushul orphanage in Tibet led to an audience with the Dalai Lama, which resulted in the TS in America sponsoring his visit to Chicago in July of 2011 — a two-day event attended by 10,000 people. The event raised $400,000, all of which was donated to educational projects aiding Tibetan communities worldwide.

    In 2014 Tim was re-elected as the President of the TS in America for three years, until 2017, and he was also elected as International President of the Theosophical Society Adyar. He shares his time between the headquarters of the TS Adyar in Chennai, India, and travelling as the International President through different continents, and his home in Chicago, USA, where he lives with his wife Lily, and daughter Angelique.

  • Tommy Welsh
    Tommy Welsh
    Member for Youth Forum / Americas

    Tommy Welsh is a student of Theosophy, He has been a member of the Theosophical Society since 2019. Studying at the Theosophical Society in America’s National Headquarters Wheaton, Illinois, USA. He is also a member and organizer for YATA (Young Adult Theosophist in America). He makes his living humanely removing animals who have found their way into people’s homes.

  • Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu
    Chairperson of the European Federation of the TS

    Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu joined the TS in 1972. She is a post-graduate in Pharmaceutical Technology. Kim-Diêu is Chairperson of the European Federation of the TS and Vice General Secretary of the TS France.

    She has been giving monthly courses at Paris Headquarters since 1987. She has been involved in the work of the European Federation since 1989; she helped to publish several basic theosophical books in various local languages. She re-started the TS activities in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia and Ukraine.

    She is the former Chairperson of the Naarden International Theosophical Centre in the Netherlands and the former General Secretary of the French Section. She has been a speaker at many summer schools, seminars, and congresses, the European School of Theosophy and the Krotona Institute in Ojai, California. She has conducted several sessions of the School of the Wisdom in Adyar, India. She worked at Adyar’s international HQ for half a year. She has toured lecturing in New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and Canada.

    Kim-Diêu travels widely in Europe to encourage cooperation and to promulgate the teachings. Her main concern is to promote a new way of living where human beings can be guided by universal ethics and the mystic dimension of consciousness.

  • Vibha Saksena
    Vibha Saksena
    Member of the TS in India

    Vibha Saksena is a Theosophical Society member of the Indian Section since 2015, currently serving as Secretary of Noida Lodge. She is also the President of Delhi Region, TOS in India.
    By profession, she is an IT Engineer, holding a Masters degree in Computer Science.
    Career in IT necessitated travelling and making different countries as home for extended periods of time. This gave valuable opportunity to know people, cultures and places. It is her love for reading that ultimately brought her to theosophy.
    Since her school days she was always fascinated by the stars and the sky and what lay beyond. Inquiring into the larger questions of Life, answers from science ceased at a point. That is when she turned to study Indian philosophies like Vedanta and Shaivism and ultimately found Theosophy or rather as she puts it … Theosophy found her. The search was over and journey commenced.
    She returned to India and in a short span of 6 years in the Theosophical Society, she deeply studied the major works of Madam Blavatsky and the Mahatma Letters. She is now a frequent speaker at different lodges in the Indian Section. She is also a certified Pranic Healer.
    Transitioning from a career oriented, worldly life to a spiritually awakened higher life, she believes the greatest service one can do for the world is Self-transformation.

  • Vipinchandra Shah
    Vipinchandra Shah
    Member of the TS in Kenya

    Vipin Shah is a 71 year old businessman, with varied interests. Microbiologist by training, Vipin is fascinated by science, economics, history, philosophy, and geography. Evolutionary biology, liberal conservatism, mind-boggling discoveries in the quantum realm, eastern and western philosophy and the teachings of Buddha take most of his waking time.
    He was drawn to The Theosophical Society almost fifteen years ago and he has given several talks at the Nairobi lodge on esoteric subjects.
    He is a Taichi practitioner for over thirty years and is convinced that it has been a major source of his strength. Additionally he is a purist on the benefits of a good diet. His other hobby is reading and collecting rare books. He is also a numismatist with almost a complete collection of German East Africa rare coins.

  • Weiwei Du
    Weiwei Du
    Member of the TS in France
  • Yunuen Fortanell
    Yunuen Fortanell
    Member for Youth Forum / Americas

    Yunuen Fortanell Estrada is from Mexico City, her formal studies are in health sciences, but she has been always interested in knowing different cultures, places, and people; besides gaining deeper inside into her thoughts and emotions for improving her relations to others. However, she felt there was still an unexplored part: her soul or higher self that connects to that “Creating source” that made her come to this world and meet people who always make her learn something.
    Her curiosity to know more about that “Creating source” was Yunuen ’s motivation to join Theosophical Society, where she became a member in April 2017, and also other religious and occultist studies. Looking at them not as dogmas, but as tools for spiritual development.


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