145th International Convention

Lecture: Mastering the Cyclic Nature of Existence

Lecture: Mastering the Cyclic Nature of Existence

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Mastering the Cyclic Nature of Existence

Elena Dovalsantos, USA

Cycles are so much a part of nature and our lives.  The wheel of life brings alternating periods of joy and sorrow, triumph and loss, death and rebirth, in a ceaseless movement through time. As H. P. Blavatsky wrote, periodicity is one of the absolutely fundamental laws of the universe. If we can understand this natural law, we would understand why things are the way they are. If we can know how the law works, we can cease to be victims of circumstance and turn difficulties into opportunities for renewal and growth. This is a time of great change. Why are we in this? What is the lesson we are being called to face? How do we navigate through it?


Dec 28 2020


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  • Elena Dovalsantos
    Elena Dovalsantos
    International lecturer. Member in the USA

    Elena Dovalsantos, PhD, MBA, hails from a family of three generations of theosophists. She joined the Theosophical Society at an early age in 1971. Following a career in scientific research, she retired to live and volunteer at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, California. She is a national and international speaker for the TS, recently serving as Director of the School of the Wisdom at Adyar, the TS International Headquarters in Chennai, India, where she conducted classes on H. P. Blavatsky’s magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine.