145th International Convention

Indian Section Convention – II

Indian Section Convention – II

“Awareness Transforms Life”


Vicente Hao Chin Jr, the Philippines, will chair the session


“Importance of Awareness in fulfilling the T.S. Mission”

Bro Sanjay Potey, president of the Marathi Federation


“Need of Awareness to Relate to the Present Situation”

Sister Chital Patel of Gujarat Federation


“How Awareness Transforms Life”

Sister Sripriya Raghavan of Madras Federation


“Does One Go Through Cycles of Transformation in Life?”

Uma Bhattacharyya


Dec 30 2020


Timezone Asia/Kalkutta
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Other Time Zones
  • Asia: 3 pm Chennai, 5:30 pm Manila, 8:30 pm Sydney, 10:30 pm Auckland
  • Europe/Africa: 9:30 am London, 10:30 am Paris, 12:30 pm Nairobi
  • Americas: 1:30 am Los Angeles, 3:30 am Chicago, 6:30 am Brasilia