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Youth Forum: “Living in the now”


  • Aaron Mwila
    Aaron Mwila
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Aaron Mwila is from Zambia and attends the Theosophical Society in Mufurila Lodge. He joined TS in September 2017. It was one later afternoon f September when he was walking down the road and saw the TS emblem with some words “There is no religion higher than truth” that he got interested in, and ever since he has been attending TS. Those have been four wonderful years of studying Theosophy. One important thing that theosophy has taught him is to be open mindedness. One reason why he is still studying Theosophy is that it shows that life is worth living and that there is purpose and meaning in existence, in accordance with a great plan of evolution.

  • Anna Panasuik
    Anna Panasuik
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Anna Yuriv Panasuik is originally from Ukraine. She is a member of the Theosophical Society of Ukraine since April 2021. Certified economist and lawyer. On the way of her development, self-knowledge and search for the truth she studied and researched various spiritual healing practices, psychology of relationship, art therapy and astrology. Certified astrologer and psychologist. She currently practices psychology, art therapy for adults and children consults on astrology.

  • Emmanuel Mwape
    Emmanuel Mwape
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Emmanuel Mwape was born on 08/11/1996. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and currently works as a businessman. He joined the Theosophical Society, Kitwe lodge, in 2017.
    He joined the Theosophical Society with a view to finding himself, but he ended up finding that he was in everything and in everyone.
    His favourite book is a very small book with great inspiration, At the Feet of the Master, by Krishnamurti. “Spirituality is not a practice it is a lifestyle”.

  • Florian Bartnick
    Florian Bartnick
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Florian Bartnick is an occupational and music therapist from Germany. Due to his job, he came into contact with various issues according to the questions of existence. So the search began and soon he realized that there must be more to spirituality than pure superstition. In Germany Rudolph Steiner’s teachings are very common and the question was: where did he get all that knowledge from? To make a long story short the theosophical teachings of Helena Blavatsky were the answer. Over hermetic philosophy and alchemy he studied the SD, Isis unveiled, Judges Writings, the mahatma letters and mostly all Gottfried von Purucker has published. Finally, he couldn’t get his hands on new literature and so he decided to join the TS. Theosophy has enriched his life and work in a way that is beyond comparison and so he wants to inspire people to experience the same.

  • Lilla Szabó
    Lilla Szabó
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Lilla Szabó is from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. She is currently working at a multinational company as a supervisor. Previously she worked as a trained naturopath, doing prana healing and certain manual therapies.
    Lilla joined the Hungarian TS in 2017, which offered her a wide spectrum of theoretical correspondences besides my practical studies. She is currently the secretary of the Hungarian TS, responsible for various administrative tasks and holding online and in-person presentations about theosophical topics.

  • Rubem Gomes
    Rubem Gomes
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Rubem da Costa Gomes is 34 years old, born and raised in Angola and still remain there until now. He has a bachelor’s degree in commercial management and marketing. He works as a business consultant independently. Rubem is the president of the Angolan Vegetarian Association. He rediscovered Theosophy basically 3 years ago and it has been the biggest and best experience he has had in this present life.

  • Sara Ortega Van Vloten
    Sara Ortega Van Vloten
    Member for Youth Forum / Europe-Africa

    Sara Ortega van Vloten Sara is the fourth generation of theosophists in her family and grew up with an increasing interest in theosophical literature. She became a member of the Spanish section in 2008 at the Arjuna Lodge (Barcelona). At the moment she participates actively in a variety of TS activities, as she feels devoted to Theosophy through service, study and meditation, in order to bring about real awareness in daily life. She is a civil engineer and is pursuing a PhD degree.


Dec 28 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 28 2021
  • Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Youth Forum: “Living in the now”

The Youth Forum sessions are for members and friends under 41 years. The session has a separate link for those who have registered for this.


Sara Ortega van Vloten (Spain)
Emmanuel Mwape (Zambia)



Florian Bartnick (Germany)


Aaron Mwila (Zambia)
Anna Panasiuk (Ukraine)
Lilla Schabó (Hungary)
Rubem Gomes (Angola)