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Day 2: Three short talks

Short talks are given by Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu from France, Erica Georgiades from Greece, and Paul Lukusa from DR Congo. Gary Kidgell from Scotland will moderate. After the talks will see video(s) of headquarters in Europe and Africa.


  • Erica Georgiades
    Erica Georgiades
    Director of The School of the Wisdom

    Erica Georgiades has been the director of The School of The Wisdom (SOW) since August 2021; director of the European School of Theosophy since 2018. A member of the Theosophical Society since 1991, she has worked at the international archives of the TS, Adyar, from 1994 to 1996. She is a candidate for a Master of Research degree in Religious Experience at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. She also holds a postgraduate degree with merit in Ancient Religions UWTSD; and BA, Hons, Philosophy and Psychological Studies. She is also a deep ecologist, animal-rights activist and pro personhood rights to non-human animals. She lives in Athens, Greece.

  • Gary Kidgell
    Gary Kidgell
    Member of the TS in Scotland
  • Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa
    Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa
    Member of the TS in DR Congo

    Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa was born on 8 October 1960 in Likasi, Democratic Republic of Congo. He has a Diploma of Industrial Accountant from the Belgian Central Jury and Master’s degree in Liberal Theology from the Liberal Institute of Theological Studies of France (l’Institut Libérale d’Etudes Théologique de France).

    He became a member of the Theosophical Society in Canada in 1998, with Carole Malboeuf as President. Since 2000 (under the General Secretaryship of Danielle Audoin), he is a member of the Theosophical Society in France. He is the Director of the Prakasha Study Group in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

    By profession, he is National Director of the NGO Actions et Interventions pour le Développement et l’Enseignement Social (AIDES), an NGO that works with the Agencies of the United Nations.

  • Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu
    Chairperson of the European Federation of the TS

    Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu joined the TS in 1972. She is a post-graduate in Pharmaceutical Technology. Kim-Diêu is Chairperson of the European Federation of the TS and Vice General Secretary of the TS France.

    She has been giving monthly courses at Paris Headquarters since 1987. She has been involved in the work of the European Federation since 1989; she helped to publish several basic theosophical books in various local languages. She re-started the TS activities in Eastern Europe, particularly in Russia and Ukraine.

    She is the former Chairperson of the Naarden International Theosophical Centre in the Netherlands and the former General Secretary of the French Section. She has been a speaker at many summer schools, seminars, and congresses, the European School of Theosophy and the Krotona Institute in Ojai, California. She has conducted several sessions of the School of the Wisdom in Adyar, India. She worked at Adyar’s international HQ for half a year. She has toured lecturing in New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, and Canada.

    Kim-Diêu travels widely in Europe to encourage cooperation and to promulgate the teachings. Her main concern is to promote a new way of living where human beings can be guided by universal ethics and the mystic dimension of consciousness.


Dec 28 2021


9:00 am - 10:10 am

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 28 2021
  • Time: 4:00 am - 5:10 am

Day 2: Three short talks


Gary Kidgell (Scotland)


“Moving with the Timeless”

Trân-Thi-Kim-Diêu (France)

Chairperson of the European Federation of the TS

“Replace the Fleeting with the Everlasting”

Erica Georgiades (Greece)

Director of The School of the Wisdom, Adyar

“Perseverance” in French

Paul Martin Lukusa Mbwebwa (DR Congo)

Director of Prakasha Study Group
5-10 min: Video of headquarters in Europe-Africa