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Day 2: Lectures, Meditation, and Video on China Project


  • Kristin Lim
    Kristin Lim
    Member of the TS in Singapore

    Kristin is a member of the Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society. She first started her practice with vipassana, and today is also an avid student of qigong and sound, with the privilege of working with two beautiful modalities of sound: the gong and alchemy singing bowls. Kristin believes in bringing the spirit of self-inquiry and exploration to any practice. At the Convention, she will be facilitating a guided meditation where we will bring awareness to the physical body, before raising our consciousness through a Yoga of Light

  • Richard Sell
    Richard Sell
    Member in the TS in New Zealand

    Richard comes from a Theosophical family in New Zealand and first joined the Theosophical Society as a teenager.
    He is currently the President of Auckland’s HPB Lodge, and is Chair of the Governance Board for the New Zealand Section. Richard also holds an MBA.
    Richard is a passionate theosophist who helps run the study programme at his local lodge. He has presented throughout New Zealand as a National Speaker and he has presented internationally at Adyar, Indonesia and at the World Congress in Singapore. He contributes articles to theosophical magazines and he is very active in promoting theosophy as a founder of the https://Theosophy.World resource website.
    Richard loves all things theosophical but he is especially interested in the self-awareness and transformation process that is undertaken by the individual and how this can be actioned in todays difficult world. He is a history buff and theosophical history is near to his heart.

  • Simon O’Rourke
    Simon O’Rourke
    National education coordinator in TS Australia

    Simon O’Rourke began reading Theosophical books in 1992 and joined the Society soon afterwards in 1993. He has been Treasurer, President and Lodge Manager of Blavatsky Lodge in Sydney, Australia. He was recently appointed as Education Coordinator of the Theosophical Society in Australia.

  • Weiwei Du
    Weiwei Du
    Member of the TS in France


Dec 28 2021


5:00 am - 7:20 am

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 28 2021
  • Time: 12:00 am - 2:20 am

Day 2: Lectures, Meditation, and Video on China Project

a. 45 min: LECTURE

“Searching for Harmony”

Richard Sell (New Zealand)

Everything in the world seems to resonate with a natural harmony, we see this in science and music, and this applies in a grand cosmic sense too.  As human beings we struggle to bring harmony to our planet and in our relationships with each other. The barriers to living a harmonious life are explored, looking at karmic aspects and our own behaviours which are driven ultimately from our personal perceptions and the worldview we hold. How do we find true harmony?

15 min: Q&A after the talk

b. 20 min: MEDITATION

Meditation “Yoga of Light”

Kristin Lim (Singapore)

Guided meditation where we will bring awareness to the physical body, before raising our consciousness through a Yoga of Light

c. 45 min: LECTURE

“Love And Unity in a time of Individualism?”

Simon O’Rourke (Australia)

HPB taught in the Secret Doctrine that there are three simultaneous developments within the human being, the Spiritual, Mental and Physical, involving the perfection of the seven principles, and that the slowest of all to develop is the mental evolution. She informs us that in order for mind to develop, the spiritual life, which would make mental reasoning unnecessary, was gradually veiled in the slow process of evolution. We are now in an upward arc of the 4th of 7 Rounds covering the life of this planet, in the 5th of 7 sub-cycles, gradually learning about our psychological nature, kama-manas or desire-mind. And in the process we are learning to think individually. But can a mind living in the now maintain both a sense of individuality and a sense of Love, Compassion, kindness and Unity?

15 min: Q&A after the talk

d. 10 min: VIDEO

“Promoting Theosophy in China”

Introducer Weiwei DU

Presented by the Singapore Lodge of the Theosophical Society