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David Lorimer

David Lorimer

David Lorimer, MA, PGCE, FRSA is a writer, lecturer, poet and editor who is a Founder of Character Education Scotland, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network ( and former President of Wrekin Trust and the Swedenborg Society ( He has also been editor of Paradigm Explorer since 1986 and completed his 100th issue in 2019. He was the instigator of the Beyond the Brain conference series in 1995 ( and has co-ordinated the Mystics and Scientists conferences every year since the late 1980s (

Originally a merchant banker then a teacher of philosophy and modern languages at Winchester College, he is the author and editor of over a dozen books, including Survival? Death as Transition (1984,2017) Resonant Mind (originally Whole in One) (1990/2017), The Spirit of Science (1998), Thinking Beyond the Brain (2001), The Protein Crunch (with Jason Drew) and A New Renaissance (edited with Oliver Robinson). He has edited three books about the Bulgarian sage Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov): Prophet for our Times (1991, 2015), The Circle of Sacred Dance, and Gems of Love, which is a translation of his prayers and formulas into English. His book on the ideas and work of the Prince of Wales – Radical Prince (2003) – has been translated into Dutch, Spanish and French. His new book of essays, A Quest for Wisdom was published in March 2021.

David is a founding member of the International Futures Forum ( and was editor of its digest, Omnipedia – Thinking for Tomorrow. He was also a Trustee of the St Andrews Prize for the Environment and a Churchill Fellow in 1978.

David is the originator of the Inspiring Purpose Values Poster Programmes, which has reached over 370,000 young people all over the world, and has edited fifteen magazines and five books in this connection. He was an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham from 2015-2018. See

David is also Chair of the Galileo Commission ( which seeks the expand the evidence base of science of consciousness beyond a materialistic world view.

In 2020 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award as a Visionary Leader by the Visioneers International Network and the 2021 Aboca Human Ecology Prize. His website is

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Antonio A. Oposa Jr

Antonio A. Oposa Jr

Antonio A. Oposa Jr. is one of Asia’s leading voices in the global arena of Environmental Law. His work is known for telling a story in the Philippine Supreme Court: That every generation has a duty to ensure that Life-Sources will still be available for future generations. His legal work extends from the court of law to direct enforcement action against environmental crime syndicates. Visayan Sea Squadron.

In 2008, after a ten-year lonesome legal battle against 13 Philippine Government agencies, he won an unprecedented continuing mandamus. The Supreme Court issued an Order directing all concerned agencies to clean up Manila Bay. They were also ordered to report its progress to the Supreme Court every 90 days, until the waters will be clean enough to be swimmable. He was given the 2015 Inuoye Distinguished Chair of the University of Hawaii.

Asia’s highest recognition for public service – The Ramon Magsaysay Award – noted his path-breaking and passionate crusade to engage Filipinos in acts of enlightened citizenship. To maximize the power of the Law — to protect and nurture the Environment — for themselves, their children, and generations yet unborn.

He holds the Normandy Chair for Peace.

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When to Register


This Convention is being held ONLINE. TS members and sympathizers are welcome to register for the 146th International Convention.


Registering for the Convention is required and opens on 1st October. Registration with a voluntary fee will be made via this Convention website Any amount is most welcome to help this event financially. No application form is required. Relevant information will be emailed to the registered attendees.

Registration fee: At least 10 USD (10 EUR, or 500 INR in India) is recommended as a voluntary fee.

Groups: If you are planning to watch the program with a group, we would appreciate it if the Lodge, Section or so on, could contribute an amount to support this effort. One person in the group needs to register to have access to the online sessions.


If remittance is made by bank transfer, please send an email to the Convention Officer

From India: Remittance by crossed cheque or bank draft should be made payable to “The Theosophical Society”.

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About the Convention

Opening cover

The program is planned to be seen in all regions of the world.

There will be public lectures, talks, symposiums, panels, interviews, youth forums, and meditation sessions.

Youth Forums will take place on the first three days.

Meditation session of half-an-hour will take place each day.

The Indian Section has its annual convention, following their regulations during the international convention.


The convention will be run by Zoom Webinar. Upon registering all will receive relevant information and necessary links.


The Convention Team wishes that much interest for this annual event of the Theosophical Society will be emerge.

Warmest wishes

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